Breast reduction is a very individual decision. It’s highly personal and one should not take such decisions just to imitate somebody or because any celebrity goes for it or it is thought to be ideal. One should always consult their doctors before taking such an invasive and a body-altering decision.

The doctor may be able to suggest some alternatives rather than a breast reduction surgery. You can also look for a certified and qualified breast reduction surgeon in Dallas for breast reduction surgery.

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There have been many alternative considerations but one should check with the doctor if one is eligible for it. The breast reduction surgery mainly includes reducing some grams of tissues from both the breasts equally.

The important part is the post-operative care to be taken. There may be breast pain for some time but it is said to reduce with the intake of mix of vitamin B1 and B6.

But one should be careful, as usage of vitamin B6 for more than 50 mg can cause possible nerve damage and make the extremities numb. Even vitamin E can help to reduce pains but one should not exceed 200 mg per day.

 A fatty acid called Primrose oil, helping to prevent arthritis and maintain brain functions can also help but one should always consult the doctor before its usage. Such an important decision like breast reduction surely calls for support from friends and family.

There should be some support as it helps the patient overcome the little glitches on the road to recovery.

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