Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT for depression is a new age remedy for treating depression syndromes and disorders. Also, it helps in dealing with daily stress and tensions. Human emotions are a complex mixture of emotions, physical sensations, cognitions (thoughts, mental images and memories) and behaviours.

A mentally depressed person will often showdown and depressive thinking (such as failure), feel physically depressed (like always tired), and will portray a depressed attitude and behaviour. All these factors will interact, interplay and influence each other have a profound impact over our psyche.

If somebody always thinks in a depressive manner then they will begin to feel and act in that way only. On the other hand, behaving and thinking of positive things help in changing depressive thinking, reduces depressive attitudes and behaviours and helps to overcome depression altogether.

Understanding approaches with which how one can combat depressive thinking, is advisable to distinctly divide a person’s cognitions, mental frame (mental processes) into two categories – content of thought and pattern of thoughts.

Content of thought is a concept which is familiar to us all – it simply encircles what we’re thinking, mental messages that we are constantly coding and decoding. Depressed people will have depressive content in their thought content and curse their fate for their bad condition.

On the other hand, CBT for depression tracks patterns of thought patterns are not that comprehensible, but they are still accessible. Our thought patterns are our approaches to thinking (or our habitual thinking) rather than the content of thinking.

We are actually thinking from minute to minute subject to transformation with respect to changing circumstances. These are nothing but our approaches of viewing experience of ours, the image that we have of us and the significant others and the world around us.

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