City of Venice, Italy is one of the most romantic and enchanting cities in all of Europe if not the world. Many films and books have focused their attention on this city for good reason.

Many newlyweds come to this city to begin their lives and ensure that their romance gets to a great start. But this need not happen to everyone.  One can get to know about best Italy vacation packages through online search.

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Saving money in a budget hotel should be the first order of business. There are many smaller hotels that do not offer the frills and luxuries of larger hotels have bid. But this hotel certainly has enough charm and ambience to make up for any luxury you may be used to at home.

If you want to save money on food and drink in Venice then I would think like the locals. No self-respecting Venetian would pay through the nose like tourists. Instead, they knew the trick of how to save money every day.

So the best guide then to save money in Venice is from someone who lives there. Trying to get out of them their favorite places to eat.

If you carefully watch the locals you will see that many just eat standing at the bar as they make their way around the city.

Next it is important to save money on a view of the city. For this I will be sure to take advantage of a variety of past tours offered throughout the city.

Not only will this pass takes you to most of the popular museums but they may end up saving you money on transportation as well.


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