There's a lot to do at Koh Phangan even though it's a small province. It covers around forty kilometres and yet manages to have around thirty-odd beaches. You can explore almost all of them in a day, all you got to do is rent a vehicle. Mopeds are usually cheap, around two hundred to two fifty baht. A few beaches which are practically impossible to reach by road need to be visited by renting a ferry or a boat and cruising along the coast of Koh Phangan. 

Snorkeling and diving can be done at almost any beach in Koh Phangan as the water here is quite clean. Divers are usually taken further into the sea closer to Koh Tao as there's only one diving hotspot the Sail Rock at Koh Phangan so it's usually crowded.

There also is a water park, the Challenge Phangan, which is filled with obstacles courses such as balance beam, stepping stones, rolling barrels, monkey bars and many more that need to be done in a given timespan. It is super exhilarating and keeps you pumped on adrenaline all day long. They also have a few rules so participants under eighteen need to wear a safety harness and kids under ten need to be accompanied by a guardian. Once you're tired you can enjoy refreshments at the bar & restaurant. 

There's a lot to do here at Koh Phangan. This is one of the best places for a memorable vacation. So, come for a long vacation and try us out at our Koh Phangan hostels

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