We all know the importance of our plumbing is in our daily lives.Throughout history, the early Greeks and Romans until today, man has become ever dependent on our plumbing pipes and accessories. So why do we ignore the care of our plumbing systems until it is too late? 

Make no mistake, as a licensed plumbing contractor company, we make calls, but if the owners take the time to do a little preventive maintenance, they could save time, money and frustration.

Some Residential service that everyone can check. It is understandable that the plumbing can seem intimidating to someone not familiar with the trade. If you feel more comfortable, you can also get a professional plumber to do the inspection and maintenance. The thing you should not do is ignore maintenance.

1. Check all your toilets for leaks and smooth operation.

2. Check your faucets are leaking.

3. Take a look at all the pipes under your kitchen sinks and bathroom, check for signs of water damage.

4. Check your water pipes exposed for signs of damage.

5. Examine your drains to control leaks and clogs.

6. Carefully check and test your hose washing machines and valves.

7. Check your water heater for leaks and corrosion.

8. Finally, check the anode rod and flush tank to ensure a longer life for your water heater.

To minimize the chances of a large emergency plumbing, an owner must adhere to a comprehensive annual maintenance plan. This small sign of water damage near your sink can turn into a major repair to remove mold if left untreated.

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