A valuable lens ball photography trick

To keep the competition running and stand out from the rest, you need to make a unique and special frame. This can be easily achieved with the help of lens ball photography tricks. Photography tricks together with the right combination of special effects can make amazing photos.

Understand the light:

To understand lens ball photography tricks and the use of special effects that can be incorporated into photography, you need to know the potential of your lens ball and, above all, understand the light and its effect on photos. 

We all know that no photographer can take pictures under the sun in total darkness. Although understanding light is the most difficult part of lens ball photography and it is the most important.

Create the right mood:

As soon as you understand the light and its effect on a lens ball photo, you can create the right mood of your motif with the right lighting effects. You need to understand that light can be raw, soft, or cold, and you need to use the right lighting effects to make your images look clear on lens ball.

Animation photography technique:

Just like we use various types of lighting such as backlighting, side lighting, etc. To get the desired texture, a lens ball photo or picture is taken by manipulating the light source, which in turn creates a different effect.

After you master this lens ball lighting technique, you can take amazingly magnificent and deceptive pictures.

Take a picture to float:

Floating lens ball photography is one of the photography tricks that allow you to take photos of people, pets, underwater fishes, etc.

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