By using the Netgear desktop genie, you can access the router remotely and configure the settings. This post will help you with the steps to enable the Netgear Genie using remote access.


  • Wired computer.
  • Network browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • The latest version of Netgear Genie for desktop.



  1. Install the desktop genie on your local computer and a remote one. Open the link to download the Genie software. Click on the link to check whether the device supports Netgear Genie or not.
  2. Open the computer on which you have installed the Genie software.
  3. Go to ‘Router settings’ and select ‘Remote Access’.
  4. Tap ‘Sign-up’ to create a remote Genie account. Fill all the mandatory fields and click ‘Create’.
  5. Tap ‘Ok’ after submitting the data on the Remote Genie account.
  6. You will receive the confirmation email on your account from the Netgear team. Click on the email to confirm the email account.
  7. Go to the Desktop Genie app again.
  8. Login with remote Genie account.
  9. To register, click OK. Tap the ‘Register’ button.
  10. After registering it. Click on ‘Logout’.
  11. From the remote computer not within the network, launch the Netgear Genie software.
  12. Tap ‘Router settings’ and login using the same account credentials. After login, you will find the cloud icon on the top of the window. It indicates that you are controlling the router remotely.
  13. You can edit or manage the wireless settings, traffic, parental controls, and reboot options. Just click on any tab to switch to different menus. Click on ‘look at this site for more info’ about managing the router remotely.
  14. After changing the settings, don’t forget to click on ‘Logout’ to exit the remote access.

Note: If you forget to click on the ‘Register’ button, then all the data will be lost and you will not able to get access to the remote location. In such cases, you need to login to the local computer to the genie desktop software and at the same time login to the remote computer and click on the ‘Register’ button.

If you find any problem accessing the account remotely, then contact the router experts available 24×7.

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