Power Bi is a business intelligence data visualization service; on the other hand Office 365 is majorly a data creation, storage, and management service.  Both the services are well known for increasing productivity and providing profit driven features. You can easily learn these services by taking Office 365 and Power Bi-training at https://www.epcgroup.net/power-bi-consulting-services/. EPC Group is a well-known company providing industry leading solution to Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, and other IT services. 

Power Bi the best-used service that can help you evaluate huge data and produce insightful reports. With the help of Power Bi you save both on time and labor. You can get training about various features of Power Bi that can help you know about other benefits except the reporting.

Office 365 on the other hand also has many features but majorly would like to tell about its online data creation and collaboration service. You can easily create and distribute data / information on Office 365 easily. It is a cloud-based service and gives you the access to use all Office tools on an online server and share it with others.

With Power and Office 365 you can work from remote areas with all comfort. Power Bi and Office 365 both can go hand in hand and provide profit-driven strategies to you. Subscribe to Power BI and Office 365 today!

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