Music is an integral part of living a stress-free life. For many, creating music is perhaps the best activities because it gives them a sense of relief and satisfaction, which they can’t get with any other thing. A person who is a musician is given a lot of respect in the world because people know that he/she is a creative person with a whale of skills.

A musician needs to feel the music from the soul in order to create something magical. The first thing that needs to be done is, cutting off with the real world and make a connection with the musical instruments. There are certain things like bridges, melodies, overtures and choruses that add soul to the songs and hence, result in the chart-busters. All these wonderful ideas and of course, the music takes birth in a recording studio.

The need of a professionally made studio

Songs can be created in a normal room, but the quality and the feel of the songs might not be the same as one will get if the recording is done in a professional studio. If you haven’t seen any professional studio, then I would like to tell you that they are beautiful rooms with world-class architecture, a number of hi-tech electronic instruments for mixing, editing and the addition of all sorts of effects in the songs. Not to forget, the studio is occupied by the music directors and singers who make a recording studio the magical place.

A wide range of instruments that are installed in a recording studio allow highly professional singers to record songs in the best possible way. But, what about a person who is good at singing, but due to financial constraints and all other issues, can’t go and sing in a professional studio? What is he/she is going to do to fulfill his/her dream and desire of recording a song? Well, for that, there is a concept of home studio, which is serving the purpose in a comprehensive manner.

Reeling machines: how are they still so effective?

After the invention of the reel machines around 50 years ago, the concept of home studios has become more prevalent all over the world. This concept has allowed all the amateur singers to record the tracks in a single take. Over time, the reeling machines have improved, thus bringing out four track reel machines, which have the capability to record multiple tracks at different times.

This led to the beginning of the multi-track setup. With the inception of tapes, musicians were able to add more tracks together. The changes continued to occur in the field of reel machines, but the technique of reel recording remained the number one choice for home studio recording, even in the 1980s.

TASCAM paved the way for the technology that we see today

There was a company named TASCAM that came up with a concept of the Portastudio, which was perhaps the most effective and affordable method of recording a song for novice singers. That system was based on the single cassette tape, the users were allowed to record four songs, two on each side. The time taken by the tape to record the tape was also quite less when compared to the normal tapes.

Spectacular changes in the years between 1980 and 1990

In the decade of 1980-1990, the methods of recording tapes became a lot more advanced. Computers came into the picture and the world of music has revolutionized. At the same time, digital recorders also came into the picture and became instantly popular. The world also saw the inception of ADAT recorders, which were operated by VHS tapes to record high quality digital audio.

This instrument was very different from the analogue tapes that were used in the past. People who used computers to record the audio used disk drives for storage purposes. It has been more than 25 years and still, the domination of computer based audio recorders hasn’t gone down.

How computers changed the world of home studio?

With the advancement in the computer technology, things have gotten a lot better for those who wish to record audio in the best way. Computers provided a dynamic and robust way of recording audio, which was not present in any other device. Now, people can use a wide range of software programs to record songs sitting at home. There are many software programs that are available online for free, so you can imagine where the technology has taken the world of music in the past recent years.

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