Whether browsing the web or your local mall for tungsten rings and tungsten jewelry, it is easy to get carried away and forget to be careful. 

Here is a list of 3 important things to get the best quality:

1. Tungsten carbide or pure tungsten?

There is a big difference between a ring alloy of tungsten and a tungsten carbide ring. How huge? If you expect a tougher than tough piece of diamond jewelry, tungsten carbide sure. tungsten alloys are softer and scratch more easily. You can also buy materials like nickel alloys from companies such as https://rjtechnical.com/ for extreme work environments.

Which means that you will lose your polish a lot sooner. If you find a provider that either does not know the difference or will not tell you, play on the safe side and exit. There are plenty of quality places out there.

2. No Cobalt – No problem

Cobalt is a common additive to many metal alloys, and there are many manufacturers who are trying to cut corners by adding tungsten jewelry. 

In this case, it is an extremely bad thing. If there is a cobalt in the ring your skin will develop this greenish rash that will be very unsightly and really uncomfortable. 

Indeed, cobalt reacts with the oils in your skin. If the manufacturer is not upfront about their cobalt policy, take the road and go to a better place at once!

3. Nickel or not?

Nickel is another common additive that people love to bring the mixture to reduce costs. Nickel is not nearly as bad as cobalt – it does not react with your skin at all. However, it falters a little tungsten, which means that your indestructible ring really is not that hard anymore.

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