At least one software programmers team of artificial intelligence very light made their goal to get a computer accepted into a group of human reflection. The goal is noble and there is probably a thing that will take anyone who has enough money to join.

The question is how you get an artificially intelligent computer that is smart enough to pass the tests needed to join a think tank? Now, so far, nobody has been able to develop an artificially intelligent software that could get a computer accepted into Mensa. If you also want to use chatbot for your business but do not have any idea about it then you can take help from the professionals of the best chatbot marketing agency in Dublin  .

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Although human standards the MENSA test is not too extremely difficult, it requires some reasoning to understand some of the problems and a computer would be quite good at because they are mathematical equations and spatial reasoning.

The programmed artificial intelligence computer would need to read OCR characters, even the test and that someone should sit and mathematical equations all types of programs in its system. 

Joining a group of human thinking is much different than joining Mensa. When joining a focus group you need to prove to other academic fellows that you can hold your own in the intellectual debate, dialogue and discussion.

We have artificially intelligent computers that can participate in online forums without the other party knowing, of course fool a human, they can not fool all people all the time. 

But soon they will be able too, and they are ready for the big time, joining a study group and being accepted by their counterparts from the man who is to determine how to design an Artificial Intelligent Computer.

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