If you have always been curious to know more about this work, this is your chance to learn about the private detective’s performance.

A very different job, discreet and essential for conflict resolution. This is how the private detective acts, who is hired to carry out various types of investigations.

The detective can investigate, stalk and catch almost any kind of situation. However, such a professional must strictly follow a code of ethics and conduct so that his or her identity is preserved and the client who hired him/her does not retaliate, regardless of the type of investigation being conducted.

For this, the private investigator uses a range of resources, ranging from the good old disguise to technological devices that track location, listen and record images. Also, he needs to have a good memory to remember names, faces, and facts, and be good at dealing with people; after all, he can be the bearer of bad news at any time.

Gathering all these characteristics, a private detective will be able to ascertain.

People Location

It is one of the main work done by detectives and it really helps people find their loved ones who disappeared. Reasons include kidnapping, organ trafficking, human trafficking, and others. Fortunately, 80% of them eventually return home, often thanks to the researcher’s role.

There are cases of people spontaneously disappearing from home. The stories are the most diverse, ranging from drug users to passionate couples who have decided to marry hidden from their families.

Detectives are also being hired to investigate and recover lost or stolen animals. These professionals can already spot pets like dogs, cats, and even birds, as long as their owners act fast.

Marital Investigation

Although most marriages last in Indonesia, yet there are exceptions. Therefore, it is not surprising to say that proof of partner loyalty (or not) is the most requested service in detektif Indonesia.

Most of the time, women between 18 and 64 are waiting for information about their partners. The profile of the investigated is married men between 30 and 49 years, with a college degree.

Nine out of ten suspected treason are confirmed. This type of investigation is fail-safe and can be completed in just a few days. This means that the outcome of marital fidelity can disrupt families and homes, and needs to be solicited and carried out responsibly.

Business Cases

Hiring a detektif Jakarta is also very common and can reveal results that put the business at risk. However, distrust must be eliminated before the company goes down the drain.

This type of investigation usually involves questions about undercover or disloyal employees, competitors seizing information, and partners diverting funds from the company. To come up with an answer, detectives need access to company documents, as well as other profession techniques.

Another service much requested by companies is counter – espionage. In this case, the investigator monitors the competition for evidence of outside espionage after the client notices, for example, attempts to sabotage his business.


A criminal investigation by the private detective may help police uncover crimes such as drug trafficking and homicides, or may be conducted after the conclusion of an inconclusive case.

The detective is not allowed to participate and interfere with the work of police officers. However, his work can be done in parallel, and he must present evidence and information to the authorities when he finds something new or when he is summoned.

In private investigations, the prosecutor cannot make trials or give an arresting voice to suspects, even if he has witnessed a crime. In cases like this, you need to call the police and be available to continue collaboration and customer service.

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