So you installed tiles and you wonder how much the floor is. $ 5 per square foot? The truth is that the floor costs of tiles are very variable, depending on the material you choose.

Therefore, It would be the best choice to consult a company of renovations to get proper idea. You can also do Balcony renovation with stone carpet (which is also called ‘ Balkonsanierung mit Steinteppich’ in German). 

There are other factors that affect the price too. For example, where you live can mean a big difference in pricing. 

Also, expect labor costs to assign your budget unless you understand that your DIY route in the installation of your flooring. 

If you are looking for a balloon ball of how much you are supposed to spend, the figures below should give you a good starting point when two of the most common tile options are involved.

Calculation. Stone tiles can free you from $ 7 and up to $ 20 per square foot. Be notified, however, that the Tilers generally ask for more when they pose stone floor coverings because these tiles are more tedious to work with with ceramics and vinyl.

Vinyl. Vinyl tile is the way forward if you are working on a tight budget. By square, you only have to pay $ 4 maximum. If you know where to look, you can even get vinyl tiles as low as $ 1!

Does the low price of vinyl mean that you should go for vinyl flooring each time? It's completely for you to decide. 

Remember that every piece of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, choosing cheap materials is only one way to keep the floor costs of tile. There are many others.

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