The health benefits of the most famous of these drinks come from antioxidant properties. Oxidants can damage cells in the body which in turn can lead to cancer. They also help keep cholesterol from oxidizing and injured blood vessels.

The different varieties of tea are produced by processing the leaves in a different way. Black tea is made by fermenting the leaves for about 6 hours. If you are suffering from stress then you can buy tea for stress treatment.

This process turns the leaves black, gives the darkest black tea color and the strong flavor. It is still high although not as high antioxidant green tea. Earl Gray, Jasmine, and Darjeeling all black teas.

Green tea is made from fresh leaves are not fermented at all. It has a lighter color, flavor lightest and highest antioxidant content.

Read the label: If the products do not contain tea, it is not tea and has no health benefits of tea. It would make just as much sense to soak up some herbs in water and calling it coffee herbs or herbal milk.

One of the other benefits of tea: it contains no calories so it is a guilt-free indulgence! And if you drink hot or cold, you still reap the same health benefits.

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