Thick and glossy hair helps an individual look well. However, there are times when after experiencing hair loss for some time, we get the impression of our hair becoming thinner losing its thickness. There are multiple reasons behind this. It can be from bad eating habits to not offering proper attention. Let’s focus on a few tips on how you can fight this problem.

  1. Eat Protein Content Food –During your meal, make sure you add some good sources of protein. For instance; add a few cubes of soy, lean meat, etc. that has a good amount of protein offering strength to your hair.
  2. Keep your Hair Loose –For those who have long hair and are always required to make a ponytail, stop right there. Putting ponytails causes strain to the hair follicles which leads to losing a few and become thinner. Instead, switch to a different style that will allow your hair to breathe more while keeping the thickness.
  3. Listen to What Your Body Says –One of the major signs of hair thinning is due to thyroid condition seen mostly in menopausal women. Other health condition that leads to hair thinning includes the gain in weight, tiredness and dry skin. It is best to consult a doctor at the earliest.
  4. Check Your Iron Levels – We already live in a stressful life. However, if you add additional things to stress such as heavy periods, eating less protein or busy lives can lead to lowering the level of Ferritin which is essential in storing the iron levels in our body.

You can also consider using keratin treatment for curly hair at home to offer more thickness.

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