Dancing could be cruel on the foot. So much stress is put on the feet during the actions of ballet and the demands on the foot are extremely great. At the elite level all these demands is often about 8 or so hours per day and all that is done in light-weight unsupportive shoes. The research data is that ballet dancers get more foot issues versus the non-dancing population. All ballerinas will probably have their foot care actions which they do to strengthen the foot muscles and look after their feet as well as nails. You will need a long time to be successful in ballet and the last thing that they need to occur is for anything to go wrong because of a foot issue.

In an edition of the podiatry related chat show, PodChatLive, they had a detailed discussion about the foot concerns in dancing along with the loads put on the feet. The 2 experts that the hosts interviewed were Catherine Crabb and Sarah Carter who are both teachers in Podiatric Medicine for the University of Western Australia in Perth. Prior to their podiatry careers both were ballet dancers at a very high level which means this combined activities and knowledge of both podiatry and dancing meant that they were both well placed to go over this subject. The episode highlighted if the common problem of hypermobility is necessary to become a professional dancer and their reply might have surprised a lot of listeners. They outlined the most widespread injuries seen in ballerinas and since 85% of ballet injuries happen to be in the lower leg, it certainly indicates the importance of podiatry. Furthermore they compared the dissimilarities between female and male ballet dancers and the distinct injuries seen. They also outlined the importance of the ballet slipper and the crazy things ballerinas do to them, along with the requirement for a proper ‘pointe assessment’ and what it might involve.

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