Despite being careful, minor injuries like cuts, scratches, and burns are unavoidable. In most cases these injuries are not severe and do not need more than ordinary first aid.  

Among the injuries burns requires a little more care and attention compared to other wounds. You can find the best wound care in rosedale city.

 wound care

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Primary Burn Classifications

The first-degree burns :These are the most common of the burn wounds and only the outer layer of the skin, and this is known as the epidermis. In this case, there'll be redness on the skin, potentially swelling and some discomfort. 

Second degree burns: these are the burns that go through the surface of the skin and affect the second layer (dermis) as well. These wounds are characterized by the development of blisters, dark red, blotchy skin, and intense pain.

These burns can be treated with a few simple measures:

-Immediately following the injury, set the wounded area under cool running water, or if the water is not available, apply cold compress but not use ice to cool down a burn wound.

-Don't use any medicine; just cover the wound with a non-stick, sterile wound dressing like duodenum or tegaderm. It is important to choose a dressing that does not stick to the wound. 

-For pain and discomfort, use over-the-counter pain medications like Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Do not use any topical or ointment creams unless guided by the doctor.

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