Naturopathy believes that all disorder has taken place due to the growth of morbid substances in the body and if it is eradicated by several means then it opens the way for a cure or relief. It is also believed that the human body has inherent self-built and self-healing powers.

Naturopathy is practiced in ancient Greece (400 BC). Dr. Benedict Lust is considered the founder of modern naturopathy who practices the art of natural healing and introduced it in the US in 1892. Click here to find more information related to the naturopathy treatment.

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A naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which natural medicines are used for healing the problems by the make use of a holistic approach to cure a disease. Naturopathy sees the disease as a form of healing.

The main focus is always on healing and wellness rather than illness. In the early 20th century, naturopathy was practiced more widely in almost all countries.

Naturopathy involves modifications of diet, lifestyle, and natural ways similar to cure the person. Naturopathy is a system of healing science of stimulating the inherent power of the body to regain health with the help of five major elements of nature such as earth, soil, water, air, and heat.

Naturopathy is also called "Back to Nature" and resort to the simple way of life in harmony with oneself, society and the environment.

Naturopathy practicing physicians first understand the body, soul, and mind and then decide on treatment. Naturopathy focuses mainly on two areas – the healing ability of the body and lifestyle.

Naturopathy also focuses on correcting all the factors involved in the disease state and allows the body to recuperate. Naturopath Natural assists in efforts to cure the disease by applying the correct modalities and regulating natural forces working within safe limits.

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