Even in the case of general physical training, training has its own rules. These rules apply to various aspects of training: dose (number of series), repetitions, intensity, rhythm, etc. However, considering all these aspects is not enough. The exercises must be carried out correctly.

For beginners who have read about the fitness or who have explained exactly how to do the exercises, it is not easy to get them right, starting with the first few exercises. You can also download the gym & workout app to work with fitness trainers online.

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On the other hand, a beginner may feel that their way of doing this exercise is wrong. If not, the instructor must convince her that her appearance is correct.

It is dangerous for the health and fitness practitioner to learn on his own from the first few sessions. There are many machine positions, angles, and potentially unwanted programs in various situations and it is determined by the characteristics of each person.

Another benefit of working under the supervision of an instructor is the proper selection of exercises, machines, and movements to avoid the risk of accidents.

The role of a fitness trainer is not limited to working with beginners.

Even advanced learners may tend to "cheat" on certain exercises or to introduce very difficult exercises that require closer observation. Also, from time to time, a seasoned athlete may need an outlook that can help improve his technique.

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