Who does not want to have beautiful feet? Be it, man or woman, whether you are wearing sandals or shoes, we all want to have our feet well and in good shape. However, what happens when you suddenly see a big bump or defect at the end of your big toe.

Lumps or abnormalities called haluxvagus, generally known as a bunion. It occurs when the joint of the big toe network may be incorrect. To know more about Bunion, you can visit https://familypodiatryofmd.com/locations/towson/.


The pressure on the joints, unbalanced weight puts increased pressure on the thumb making it unstable and forced to bend toward the other fingers causing lumps at the end of the big toe.

It is also associated with inherited foot types, types of shoes, high heels, aging, and arthritis. The wrong kind of shoes and high heels can cause foot bones to deform. Therefore, women are more prone to bunions. However, there is an argument in which some experts say that the high heels because they do not contribute to the formation of a bunion.


It can be managed at home without surgery by wearing well-fitting shoes, avoid high heels, choose shoes with a strap or rope, ice packs and use equipment or devices to correct the deformity of the toe.

Some people also opt for surgery to straighten the joints and relieve the pain of a bunion. However, surgery is not always successful in relieving pain. Bunions can always come back even after surgery, therefore specialist advice is always recommended before going to surgery.

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