While the effects of bathing on the skin may be long lasting, the benefits of using dead sea salt is not. It has been clinically proven to help reduce the effects of ageing. The salt helps rejuvenate the skin and removes grime. It is a natural and organic way to nourish the skin and improve its complexion.

There are several ways to use bath salt in your daily skincare routine. Bath salt is often used as a body scrub or a facial scrub to create a wonderful glow on the skin. As the pores become smaller, impurities and dead cells are removed from the skin and get absorbed into the blood stream. The impurities then attach themselves to the surface of the skin, thus leaving the skin looking fresh, fresh and smooth.

Dead Sea Salt: The Dead Sea, located in Israel is a popular choice for the best natural products in the market. Bath salt is made from crushed up sea salt mined out of the Dead Sea and is easily available in supermarkets and discount stores around the world.

Salt Pepper: If you want to introduce the use of bath salt to your skincare routine, try mixing in some table salt in your bath water before taking a bath. The beauty of it is that it helps in making the pores of the skin more open and is therefore a great way to remove any impurities that may have formed on the skin due to bathing. Some people even choose to mix it with olive oil for an extra rich feel in the skin. This works especially well for those who have very oily skin.

Poppy Seed Oil: Another great product of this mineral is to add some drops of the oil to your bath water. This should be mixed in with the bath salt so that it comes in contact with the skin and creates a nice glow effect.

Sugar: You can use sweeteners of your liking in your bath water to treat and give a special look to your skin. You can find many brands that specialize in sugar-free products that help with reducing the formation of free radicals in the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: If you want to give your skin a little treat, add some tea tree oil in your bath water. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that are effective in reducing the redness of the skin and is also good for treating acne problems and blackheads.

Lemon Juice: Lemon is a very popular ingredient of bath salts that is extremely beneficial for both your skin and the skin of your guests. When you use a bath salt containing lemon, you are most likely to notice a difference on your skin.

Salt: Just like lemon juice, salt is another natural element that is rich in minerals that provide a lot of benefits to the skin. Add some salt to your bath water so that you can increase the exfoliation of the skin.

Essential Oils: Both Rosemary and lavender are commonly used for their pleasant aroma that provide a relaxing effect. Not only this, but they have natural astringent properties that help with tightening the skin while eliminating the formation of dead cells on the skin.

Lavender: There are many benefits of lavender on the skin, one of which is the reduction of stress and keeping the skin in good condition. It is also a great way to protect against free radicals that cause aging.

Don't just rely on these as only effective in removing dead cells, because it is best to use dead sea salt that have some other active ingredients added to them. Ingredients like aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, Castor oil and coconut oil should all be included in the bath salt to make the skin soft and supple and offer the best way to treat and moisturize your skin.

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