The best high school education is about broadening the mind, expanding the boundaries, and teach skills to critically examine our world. We live in an increasingly interconnected world, but this is rarely recognized in the attitude expressed through conventional education.

The high school English teacher who left the classroom for the trip, I've realized the limit that the education system in the Western world often imposing-though not intentionally-upon their students. You can also join the best traveling high school programs for high school students.

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We hope that teenagers are informed and able to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world. But how can we expect high school-age students to adopt so much information when we very rarely encourage them to move offshore their homes and gathering what lies outside their doorsteps?

The trip was a powerful experience to teach students empathy, awareness, and understanding cultural differences, plus the capacity to challenge and question what we might previously have been led to believe.

While it is unlikely that it will soon become a part of the high school curriculum, teens should be encouraged to investigate the possibility of a trip abroad, whether it be a short two-week trip was arranged through high school, or more extended, externally- organized a gap year before college they were a year or university.

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