Does the thought of your Bible study consistently overwhelm you? The Bible is regarded as the best-selling book in the world, but most people find it difficult to understand. Known as the Word of God, the Bible is a book for learning and not just to read. It is a reference book on the lives of everyday life. You can get the bible timeline chart online at

Different writers in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic originally wrote the Bible at various times in history. English translations of the original texts of various topics for a bit more contemporary. This article focuses on the broad and popular Protestant Bible, which includes the Old Testament and the New Testament, and consists of 66 separate books. Here are some tips that may be useful before setting out to explore the intricacies of the Bible:

What Does

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Select Bible: Choosing a particular Bible for the study of market choice available today can be very confusing. Although the King James Version is recognized as the closest translation of the original Bible, it can be difficult to decipher and is frustrating to deal with. 

Prayer: To improve your understanding of the Bible, starting with an attitude of prayer. Pray for the appreciation of the Word can bring the Bible to life. The Word of God is alive, and God reveals himself through the Word.

Method: Christians study the Bible to know God and know his or her way to successfully live a godly life. There is no right or wrong answer on how to start a Bible study. Focusing on a specific topic or general research methods book.


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