Electricity – it runs throughout all homes, and is used on a daily basis in the day to day lives of every homeowner. It can be found in every room of a home, and yet homeowners still do not realise the risk it can present if it is not managed by a certified electrician. 

Faulty electrics can be incredibly dangerous, and in some cases can result in electric shocks or even a fire. This is a real hazard, and as such the team at this specialist company such as Lynton Electrical Pty Ltd would urge any homeowner currently seeking the services of a specialist, to verify that they are a qualified electrician Willoughby.


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Below, you'll find further reasons why using a qualified professional is so essential.

  • Health and Safety

As previously mentioned, the main concern which arises from contracting the services of an electrician who is not qualified, is the safety of the homeowner. All electricians who are qualified with an approved scheme like NICEIC or the Electrician Contractors Association (ECA) will comply with Part P of the building regulations. This was introduced to minimise the risk of any accidents which may arise from shoddy and poor workmanship of an electrician.

  • Quality

Approved electricians will work to British Standards BS 7671 to ensure that a high level of work is carried out on behalf of the customer. The risk surrounding electricity has meant that it is now illegal for electricians not to adhere with Part P regulations.

  • Insurance

A certified electrician will have public liability and personal indemnity insurance. This offers you protection in the event that you have an accident as a result of their work, as you will be able to claim for compensation for any damage or accidents which arise due to the work which they have carried out.

All of the electricians in Willoughby are certified with NICEIC, meaning that their customers can rest assured that any work which they undertake is performed to an exceptionally high standard. Contact a qualified electrician Willoughby today for a service you can rely on.

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