Humans learn every minute every day. We learn without effort or open intention. We learn from what is there, by seeing, touching, hearing, and tasting. As long as we are aware, we are learning. We cannot stop ourselves. You can also hop over to to know more about instructional design courses.

So why does anyone need learning design? If learning occurs naturally, why not just provide content and let people learn it?

If you read an article about the significance of instructional design then you will find them filled with words like engage and process, and yes, the basic requirements for instructional design are that it involves students and helps them process specific information.

The importance of instructional design is because of its ability to attract as the attraction has the power to change any behavior.

One can develop the most powerful and prominent training content in the industry, and if instructional designs do not attract participants to the content and process, they will not be changed by the training experience.

They may be involved during the session and process the information presented to them, but if they are not interested, they will not change.

That's because people can be involved and process in response to external expectations. We all know that we are expected to pay attention or get involved, so we do.

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