Apart from teaching and practicing good dental hygiene, it is also important to prevent dental problems in children. There are many treatment ideas out there to encourage kids to stop their finger sucking habit. 

Regardless of the method used, in the end, it is up to the kid to give up the habit. For this to happen, positive reinforcement is the most effective. You can find more info about positive reinforcement on the internet.

Praise and reward your child for not sucking his thumb. Increase the time it takes to get a reward as the child gets older. Cover your thumb or hand with tape or a towel.

Remove the thumbs of young children from their mouths while they sleep. For older children who refuse to give up the habit, the dentist may recommend dental tools or a bitter-tasting solution to rub on the thumb.

If your child's permanent teeth are starting to grow and the damage is visible, then orthodontic treatment is most likely recommended. Depending on the severity of the jaw intolerance and the curvature of the teeth, orthodontic treatment may include tooth extraction and braces may need to be worn longer. 

In late puberty and early adulthood, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted to align the teeth properly. Typically, orthodontic treatment, good home dental hygiene, and regular visits to the dentist will greatly minimize or almost eliminate the harmful effects of thumb sucking in adulthood.

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