There are 3 main types of bull classified according to their make. These are aluminum, steel, and plastic. They all have their own minor advantages and, of course, their own drawbacks. What's important is that you get the right type of mast for what you need from the vehicle.

Steel bars are heavy but when this type of bar is used it provides strong protections towards cars. Aluminum bars weigh very little but are not as strong as steel bars. The plastic rods weigh about the same and tend to bend on impact.

The amazing thing about plastic bulls is that bar work tends to snap back into place over the course of a few days. This explains why so many farmers use plastic sticks. You can buy the best bull bar at fitmy4wd.

The Definitive Buyers' Guide to Bull Bars CamperMate

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Usually, in bull accidents, the aluminum bar is on the right, but this is not always the case with plastic bulls. Of course, it depends on what you come across!

If you want to install a winch, you can only use steel bulls. They are strong enough to withstand the tremendous pressure the winch puts on the front of your car.

You can get grilles designed for high or low mounted cranes which in turn serve different purposes. In general, if you want the best bulbar and aren't too concerned about price or weight, steel will do the trick.

They do their best to protect your car and when you go to remote places you will feel safest with one of them. However, many new cars cannot be armored as they can be mistaken for airbags and other safety devices that have already been installed.

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