Community hosting can be a great way to attract business to your area. From craft exhibitions to festivals and fundraising, these are all a great way to bring new people to your community and create awareness of what your city has to offer. But only making the event not enough, advertise and promote it is a must! 

Custom signs and banners are a great way to create event signs and branding. They can help make members of the community aware of events, providing direction for those who are new in the area, and only make the overall experience far more successful. 

event banner

Market farmers: While it is the right place to have it to attract the last minute driver, they also have a funny little sign right in front of the property, advertising time and date so people can plan to attend afterward, instead of having to turn and find the second parking lot. With a variety of products available from fruits and vegetables to Homegrown crafts and honey, there are many things to see and signs make it easier for visitors to find what they want.

Arts and craft show: It requires vendors and vendors you will not be happy if no one attends the event! Signs are a great way to promote craft shows and can help direct customers where to go when they tend to be in the room. Window decals can also be a good choice for events like this because they can be easily removed but still look professional.

Festival: If you like me growing up in Indiana, you've been to the County Fair or even the country is fair. The month before your hand will see signs of plastic lining the road giving the date and time. After the event appears, you will see parking signs and directions to other horse and animal shows.

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