Different cranes serve different purposes. Of course, each crane has its own requirements for operation and maintenance. For example, some can be driven on the road, others need to be installed on site. One of the most widely used cranes today is the crawler crane.

Understanding how mobile construction vehicles work is essential for large construction jobs that involve heavy lifting.


The basic structure of the crawler crane consists of a standard cabin mounted on the crawler chassis. Chassis uses wheels to work terrain on a construction site.

Additionally, the upper deck rotates 360 degrees and has a box boom or grid with optional extensions. It also has a wire rope with a hook, clamp or other attachment at the end of the boom.


As mentioned earlier, crawler cranes use runways like those found in tanks. Unlike other cranes, cranes do not use supports for stability. The jib is lighter than other jib cranes, so the crawler crane has a larger working radius due to the lower jib weight. However, due to their size, the crane cannot move from one object to another.


The lattice boom is lighter than others, but still provides excellent lifting power for the crane. The crawler crane can lift more than 600 tons. They are effective for large construction projects.

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