Given the fluctuating price of petrol these days, it comes as no surprise to see people spending on buying used cars as their next vehicle. While new models of cars may offer a more fuel-efficient alternative, one may still find a pre-owned gem for a good price which also offers good gas mileage.

Websites like offer a huge variety of used cars at reasonable prices.

When buying a new car, it is possible you get the manufacturer guarantees and similar things. Some warranties may still apply for the purchase of pre-owned cars – it will depend on the age of the car and the manufacturer, so be sure to ask.

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Other things that should be expected when shopping for a used car include:

CARFAX and other documents confirming the history of the car:

You need everything about the car you plan to buy – who owned it, how many miles it has traveled, and whether or not it is involved in the accident.

The payment schedule is clear:

Many widely used to offer different options for purchase and financing. Before signing any commitment, know exactly what you would pay for a car, how much per payment and when it is due. Know who will receive the money as well.

Warranty Information:

Not every used car will come with the original manufacturer's warranty. In the case of "as is" sale, you get what you see at face value. However, the dealer must disclose the history of the car. It is required by law by the dealers to give buyers every information about the being car sold.

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