Sushi has been around for hundreds of years and actually come to a means of preserving fish with rice ferment. When this method of preservation is used, the rice was discarded and fish have eaten separately. Process overtime has evolved in various ways, including the introduction of vinegar, but it was with a desire for a quick meal as rice and fish began to be eaten together. If you want to eat tasty sushi then you can check out this link

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A strong seller decided the fish by pairing with rice; a dish is created for a meal on the go with the hands of one. For those who find chopsticks a puzzle impossible to overcome, you happy to know that sushi eating is still considered acceptable hands. Moreover, sushi as a meal on the go is still possible in Japan in various convenience stores and off combine a set of sushi disposable.

Since the creation of sushi in its modern form, it has undergone many changes and variations. The sushi common to see a menu in some of the worlds may not be the same as the other, but nigiri (commonly called just sushi) and make (sushi rolls) are very common.

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