Definitely, a product of the modern age, most clothing used to be custom-made, as newer technologies came to the limelight, clothing started being mass-produced in standard sizes as well as sold at fixed prices.

The fashion industry, spearheaded by Europe and America, is today an internationally globalized industry, with clothing designed in one country and being manufactured in another, further, distributed to various outlets all over the globe. To know about indigo jacket visit

Where the Fashion industry is concerned, it has been long, one of the largest employers in the United States. One of the most common forms of clothing, when it comes to fashion is jeans.

A walk down the memory lane:

Going back in history, it was the denim that traditionally painted blue with indigo color to make the blue jeans, although the term 'jean' then denoted a lighter cotton textile; the contemporary use of jean, coming from the French words for Genoa and Italy, where the first trousers were made out of denim.

Some of the earliest American blue jeans made from denim were designed by Levi Strauss, Calvin Rogers, and Jacob Davis. It soon became the favorite apparel amongst teenagers, who adorn themselves in it various patterns, be it skinny, tapered, straight, boot-cut, mommy-cut, maternity, or flare.

By the seventies, it has become the wearing of jeans more acceptable, a general fashion in the United States, for casual wear.

Don the stylish jackets:

A type of sleeved waist-length garment for the upper torso, jackets are generally worn to enhance the fashionable look, mostly being of a shorter length, just ending below the waist.

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