Paint Protection Filters, or PPF (sometimes called Clear Bra) are the most common thermoplastic urethane films applied to the front or front paint surfaces of vehicles. Initially, this type of protective film was intended for military use on helicopter rotors to protect them from sand particles.

Over the years this has developed into general aviation, racing, and finally consumer vehicles and even electronic devices such as cell phones. You can look for paint protection film premiere installers in Long Island.

Paint protective films have been used for private vehicles for several years and for good reason. When it comes to maintenance, PPF is a great investment for any vehicle. A clear coated urethane film layer helps maintain the paint coating and protects surfaces prone to rock splinters, insect damage, abrasion and weathering.

The paint on your car is not only protected from this damage, it also allows your paint to naturally age and not turns yellow from prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, you can clean and maintain your car as before. A barely visible film, like any other painted surface, can be washed and waxed to get the glossy finish you want.

This protective layer is usually applied to areas of impact on vehicle parts or other vulnerable areas such as hoods, fenders, rearview mirrors, bumpers, grilles, swing arms, headlights, headlights, car door guards, luggage compartments, etc. rear deck bumper etc. Roofs and pillars A. Most suppliers guarantee their product will not stain, turn yellow, or peel off and provide a two to five year warranty if installed properly.

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