Many years of smoking nicotine and drinking coffee, tea and red wine can result in the staining of your teeth.

"Teeth whitening" is a process that acts by removing all of these stains from the surface of your teeth and make them appear brighter as well as whiter.

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Keep reading to learn about the many common kinds of procedures for a whitening tooth.

Whitening Strips

These are special kinds of strips that are coated with a particular kind of whitening gel. It's possible to place these strips on the top and the bottom teeth, then leave them for a particular time period.

If used during a lengthy time period, these can normally help whiten your teeth by around 4 colors. Some people experience sensitivity whilst using this type of whitening strips.

Custom Tray Whitening

This procedure comprises using a unique kit that you will need to use in your home on a regular basis. Dentists normally advocate whitening gel at a more powerful concentration, and it contains the capability to whiten the teeth by up to 6 colors.

Whitening Toothpaste

This sort of toothpaste may whiten your teeth over the span of a month or two a few weeks. This practice of whitening will eliminate only the shallow stains on the surface of the teeth.

The way is workable if you just have to bleach your teeth just marginally, and it's a low-cost alternative. But you have to continue the usage of the paste so as to generate the effects persist

In-Surgery Laser Whitening

This is a favorite method since the results could be viewed immediately. Within this procedure, the teeth and the mouth have been guarded by a protective dam.

Within this type of whitening procedure, it is possible to whiten your teeth by up to 6 colors.

Kor Whitening

The approach can be used to whiten teeth in a really remarkable way. Both an office apparel along with a take-home kit are all employed within this procedure.

Kor is considered among the most robust techniques of whitening remedies for teeth that are available today. It's a slow way of functioning and you'll be pleased with the consequences that you receive in your own teeth surface.

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