Comic books have entertained the audience since the 1930s with artwork that was fast, easy to read and interesting characters, over-the-top. Behind Batman, Spiderman, Superman, X-Men or other comic book heroes, there are Behemoth Enterprises who have dominated the world of comic books for decades.

While Marvel Comic Books and DC Comic Books have rivaled each other for years, sometimes team characters in the epic battle in "The Amalgam Universe," as in Silver Surfer versus Green Lantern, Flash versus Quicksilver, or Elektra versus Cat woman. You can buy all these comic books from Strip Web.

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Motivation, cause and effect is a very important consideration when analyzing the differences between Marvel and DC. Marvel characters often struggle with a myriad of internal strength and mental battle. For example, Hulk has struggled with exploding temperaments, while Spiderman always struggles to balance his personal life with the demands of being a superhero.

Wolverine also has nuances of competing animalistic impulse and human courtesy. After the action has been taken, this character often contemplates what has happened and sometimes guessing themselves. You can easily locate the comics from the marvel series online and read all about it’s superheroes.

These "very human" characters are generally ordinary but obtain the strength of science accidents, radiation exposure, spider bite, genetic mutations or other events. The setting for Marvel graphics novels is in real places like New York, Los Angeles or Toronto. Some say Marvel places a more modern comic round and meets a more psychological psychological needs.

Instead, the DC comic book superhero is almost like gods in perfection and their functions; More like a mygological hero. The only weaknesses they come from exterior factors, such as Superman who come into contact with Kryptonite or Batman without super utility belts.

They get their strength from a supernatural, magical or alien way and they are in the ethereal world such as Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City and Dreams. Over the years, new adaptation of comic books is increasingly becoming a psychological side of these characters, but in general, DC fans value courage, confidence, skills and innate intelligence of immaculate characters.


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