Wood dust or sawdust is a potential problem in almost all woodworking applications. In all types of woodworking environments, wood dust and sawdust can pose serious health and fire hazards. Wood dust is actually classified as particulate matter in the air. 

A valuable tool for controlling wood dust is a waste collection system. Industrial dust extractors are specially designed to remove air pollutants. You can now look for the finest dust collectors if you browse this site.

Wood waste dust extraction system for Door & Joinery Solutions

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Wood dust has been classified as a potential health hazard by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Continuous exposure to wood dust can cause long-term health problems and short-term irritation of the sinuses, skin and lungs. 

Wood shop owners should refer to OSHA standards for employee exposure to wood dust. Besides health, there are many good reasons to use a vacuum cleaner in carpentry. Burning wood and the dust generated during cutting present a potentially serious fire hazard. 

If fine powdery wood dust is concentrated in the air and is exposed to a spark, it can cause an explosion similar to that which occurs in a grain silo. If you try to apply a fine coating with airborne wood dust, the dust will create imperfections in the final product. Wood dust can also have a negative impact on power tools and machines and shorten their service life.

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