Baby co-sleeper cots are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. Important things to consider may include the baby's size, growth, and how long the cot will be used. 

The dimensions given on the crib label are intended to help you choose the one that best co-sleeper cot that fits your baby's needs. 

The size and layout of the room is another factor you may want to consider. Some co-sleeper costs are designed for children's furniture. 

You can choose the best co sleeper cot from But choose the one from the appropriate range. Most cots are flat and require two people to assemble. 


Safety Tips to be Considered for Co-Sleeper Cots:

-Blankets and pillows are not safe for babies under one year of age as they can cause accidental overheating or suffocation. Instead, use sheets and blankets on the crib. If your baby is too cold or too hot, it's easy to add or remove layers.

-It is also important to have the correct size cot. Avoid sheets or blankets that are too large, as your baby could get caught in them.

-Place blankets and sheets in the center of the cot and tuck them under the mattress. Place your baby under the blanket so the baby doesn't curl up under the sheets.


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