One would expect more and more people to prepare for emergencies in this increasingly unpredictable world. Unfortunately, this is still not true. Many people who register for first aid courses often use unfounded assumptions about their reasons.

The most common reason is people feel a little expensive. This is actually a common misconception. These classes are actually very affordable. If you think about it, you are actually saving. Schedule your paediatric first aid course to get number of benefits. It is important to think about the number of things you can learn by only attending one of these classes.

One of the skills that you can learn by participating in one of these workshops is, for example, performing CPR (or cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in infants or toddlers. It is strongly recommended that every parent have basic CPR training.

This is because there is a difference between the types of CPR performed on adults or older children using the CPR procedure that you do on infants.

By participating in this course, you are prepared for life-threatening situations. This is important because ambulances may not always be available. There are also situations where your reaction determines your child's life or death.

The trainer uses a child-sized model. They use this model to show the various first aid steps needed to deal with certain situations. For example, the instructor shows the entire CPR process step by step. This includes how far the child's head must be tilted back to open the airways.

There are also courses where you can learn how to deal with harmless situations involving your children. This includes sprains, broken bones and bumps. After class, you are prepared to save your child's life if they need it.

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