Diving is a safe game if you adhere to the principles, avoid taking unnecessary risks, and always dive with a buddy. 

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't ever encounter problems during snorkeling. Finding out how to anticipate and resolve problems is a part of getting an accomplished diver.

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Anticipating Equipment Issues:

It's uncommon that equipment fails during a dip, but you should still take care when constructing, storing, and servicing your equipment. 

All things considered, this is exactly what keeps you living submerged, so it's worth spending some time and money on maintaining it in perfect working order.

Free and Buoyant Ascents:

If you can't locate your buddy, you'll have to earn a quick "free ascent" from finning into the surface. This may be assisted by ditching your weights, but you should be prepared for a sudden rise in buoyancy. Breathe out slowly during ascent to stop lung expansion injury.

Making Emergency Lifts:

If your buddy is unconscious or hurt, keep their regulator in their mouth and carry out a buoyant lift to get them to the surface. This means holding to a buddy's harness as you ascend, with their buoyancy compensator to correct buoyancy for both of you.

Overcoming Panic:

If you are feeling dread coming on, alert your buddy, stop moving, and boost your breathing. If your buddy panics, reassure them with hand signs but watch them from a safe distance, because a failing arm may knock your regulator out of the mouth or injure one.

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