There must be dozens of different shapes and sizes out there where the portable air compressors come. One popular form called a "pancake." The name itself does not come from the spherical shape of the portable air compressor but from the shape of a pancake-like plastic in the tank diaphragm assumes when the urge piston against it.

In addition to pancakes, different manufacturers have also a model that has two tanks, one sitting on top of the other. You can also get a portable air pump via so as to get the pleasure of this device.

Convenience and Power a Portable Air Compressors - Portable Air Tank

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Highly portable air compressors are smaller in size and they are usually efficient in shape to fit easily into a large bag or into a deep drawer. They do not pose many problems concerning good storage because they can easily lean in a corner or on a table without having to remove a lot of things. As a consequence of light, this device can be carried from table to shelf, from room to room, from floor to floor without endangering the varnish on the floor or wall or damaging the stairs. 

If the user avails of a portable air compressor that runs on 110 volts, which would give him some of the electrical power consumption savings. The choice of buying a portable air compressor is ideal for car owners that run on gasoline. In this way, he does not have to worry about resources wherever they find the need to inflate its tires.

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