Around sixty years ago, Charles and Ray Eames designed their iconic office chair that was suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its use of synthetic mesh to bear the weight of the caregiver is a technical innovation.

Today, the iconic Eames design has inspired a wide range of office chairs that are comfortable and stylish. To see the original designs of the Eames chair, you may click this link.

Classic Padded Management Office Chair

Charles and Ray Eames remain among the greatest designers of the modern era. In the furniture world, they produce an iconic design that combines a sleek aesthetic, the main technical achievements and, above all, comfort.

Eames office chair has its roots in Columbia, Indiana in the 1950s. Noted architect Alexander Girard and Eero Saarinen designed the house of the industrialist J. Irwin Miller; a house which has since been declared a National Historic Landmark. They make use of these famous chairs.

Charles and Ray Eames chairs were a revolution at that time. They are constructed from the cast aluminum seat frame, so light but strong. Eames chairs can be moved around easily and will not be easily broken.

Chairs went into mass production in 1958 and have been sold since then. There are several important changes over the years. Although they designed it for use in both indoor and outdoor, it is currently the chair that is used almost exclusively in the room and has become associated with the business environment such as an office.

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