Advantages of Nylon Wires over Steel Wires in Making Bracelets

Nylon wire ties are preferred in bracelet-making because nylon is lighter, safer to use and more flexible to use than steel wires.  For more information about nylon mesh at best price visit

With the use of nylon, there is less chance of cutting or pricking your skin, you'll have more options of doing your ties, and you'll be having no hard time bending or shaping the cord.

Another advantage of nylon wires over steel wires (in making bracelets) stems from the fact that these nylon wires are manufactured in different colors. Their colors are homogenously embedded or mixed into the nylon's chemical make-up while those of steel are only painted on the steel's surface.

 And, while an even painting over the steel's surface can prevent rusting from easily taking place, the paint will be gradually ripped by water and other corrosive materials off the surface.

Additionally, contrary to the notion that nylon wires are too soft for use in areas where superior tensile strength is required of cords, nylon wires, and nylon wire ties are employed in marine, aviation, auto industries, and even in aerospace.

They are also popular in these areas because nylon wires can be manufactured uniquely – to produce thin and thick nylon wires with excellent tensile strength and improved resistance to extreme temperatures, oil, fuels, grease, and ultraviolet rays.

Overhand and Square Knots for Bracelet Making

Cut off a desired length of the nylon cord. String the beads along this cord until a comfortable length of the jewelry piece is achieved. Hold the two ends of the cord and make the two ends meet, getting ready for tying.

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