Melasma or chloasma is a skin condition that usually affects a woman during pregnancy. Melasma causes dark spots that are seen on the cheek,  nose, and forehead areas and are generally known as masks of pregnancy.

Melasma is caused by excess estrogen in the body so that it may also impact a girl taking hormonal contraceptives or hormone replacement medications. There are many effective melasma treatments for example skin lightening creams and laser operation. An ideal treatment can take a few months to remove dark spots.


Protect your skin from sunlight

Melasma occurs when the estrogen, stimulates melanocytes (the cells responsible for the formation of elastin or pigments ), its overproduction in places in which the skin is exposed to sun, so avoid sufficient sunlight in any way times It is crucial to do. Particularly during pregnancy.

By taking precautions against the early stages of pregnancy, it's possible to avoid treating melasma later. Even when you're treating melasma, make sure you use the whole sunscreen, or attempts to whiten your skin will go uncontrolled.

Treatment for melasma

Melasma isn't difficult or expensive to deal with, there are lots of skin-lightening treatments available to suit every pocket. The most common cure for melasma is skin lightening cream. It is very important that you go for one that is secure and the best means to do this is to choose a lotion that's made from natural ingredients or naturally made natural products.

Kojic acid, vitamin C, and arbutin are examples of several organic skin-lightening ingredients that you need to search for. Skin lightening creams require from two weeks to many months to show results, based on which one you go for, but it's a lot faster than allowing Melasma to fade by itself.

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