The purpose of this article is to discuss technical aspects of Ad Words, namely the key terms you need to know, and exactly what to do to your Ad Words ads effectively.

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Here is a list of basic terms you need to know before using Google Ad Words. If you use Ad Words, you should be familiar with these terms. If you are looking for the Google Ad words course then you can browse the web.

1) Cost per click (CPC)

As the title suggests, this is the amount you pay each time someone clicks on your AdWords ad. Individual keywords will cost you different amounts for clicks based on their popularity.

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2) Printing

This is the number of times your ad appears in search results in Google. Your ad will be triggered to make an impression when someone searches for one of your keywords. Your ad will not necessarily make an impression every time someone searches for that one of your keywords, depending on your competitors, how many other people also use your keyword in AdWords campaigns.

3) Clicks

The number of times someone clicked on your ad.

4) Rate (CTR)

Your CTR will be used by Google to determine success, so with Google, your ads are relevant. CTR is the number of times someone clicked on your ad divided by the number of impressions it (your ad is less relevant to Google it emerged several times, but no clicking above).

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