Once you've established your budget, decide on a camping tent size that fits your needs. If you don't have to buy a tent as a backpack, then the weight and size of your tent don't matter much.

Usually, the size of the camping army tents are determined by the square meter and the number of standard bags suitable. For example, a tent for two can easily accommodate two people but has much less storage space.

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On the other hand, if you buy a tent for four people for two, it will be more comfortable and you can get enough storage space for your things. If you need a camping tent for a family of four, it is advisable to choose a tent for six people.

You can also choose from camping tents with multiple rooms. If you're camping with kids, you can opt for the 2 bedroom style where space is separated from the tent wall by a zippered door. There is also a two-bedroom style which is similar to the two-bedroom style but has extra screen space which can be useful for changing dirty or wet clothes. You can also store your stuff in this screen space.

You need to choose a tent with suitable rain flies that will serve as umbrellas. Rain flies are waterproof. Try to pick up rain flies that slide along the side of the tent instead of picking rain flies that cross the top of the tent.

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