Page rank is described as a link analysis algorithm, named Larry Page. It is a tool used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weight to each element of a set of hyperlinks to documents such as the Internet. Its use is to assess its relative relevance within the set.

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Importance of Page Rank to a Web Site

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Google's algorithm can be applied to any collection of entities with mutual reference. Page rank is a signature of Google and the page rank method is patented.

After creating your corporate website design, you should be able to put your page in Google's search engine. And how can you do this? Here are some techniques you can apply.

Make your page higher

1. Your web content – This is the most important thing you need to remember. Web content is textual, visual content that is found in website design as part of a user's encounter.

What should be your web content?

About your company – An explanation of what you have done for the last years of your company's existence.

Products – What products does your company offer?

Services – Your Company’s way of telling your potential customers how much you can help them to further improve their page rankings.

Contact Information – Certainly, as a part of your professional website design, you should be able to provide contact details to help your customers or potential customers contact you as soon as possible.

Contact information – obviously, as part of your professional website design, you ought to have the ability to supply contact details to assist your clients or possible clients to get in contact with you whenever possible.

2. SEO – The most economical way to put your website on Google search engine. It is also considered the best way to advertise your business.

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