Focus on your main strengths

Think about your existing professional skills for a moment and consider how they can be used to create great business models.

Write down your main opportunities and make a list of your favourite activities. Develop several business concepts based on each of these concepts.

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For example, if you are a financial planning merchant and one of your strengths is to make budgets for families and businesses, the concept can be a useful small mobile application that helps people make budgets, starting from a daily or weekly food budget

And other basic matters through more complex budget calculations for small and large businesses. Limit your list of business concepts to the ones you like the most.

Look for popular applications that have since been abandoned

So far, you have the task of identifying your own strengths and developing ideas for innovative new applications.

Now is the time to examine the existing application landscape and determine which other applications are ideal for starting your own mobile application. An effective way to do this is to look for applications that seem to be abandoned by the developers.

Look for applications in your field of interest that haven't been updated in more than 12 months. Despite its past popularity, application developers may have decided to stop updating applications for several reasons, e.g.

• Lack of funds

• Lack of motivation

• Less time due to other obligations

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