A Facebook Chatbot is the latest and greatest chat-bot technology. It allows a person to stay in touch with friends all through a device. It uses social networks to do its work and is most similar to Chatbots of some years ago.

To operate, the bot has to have a Facebook account. With that in place, the bot can now be operated by sending out messages, if one wants to. The Bot can also access a special place to collect information about the user's friends and status updates. You may not think it matters, but it's worth being aware of because this social networking tool can help keep you connected with friends.

Messaging on Messenger requires a special type of code. There are many places to download them, but I recommend that you use something that can be automatically installed into your computer, called ChatLog. It will read and write messages to a secure location. It will allow a person to send messages and make sure they're sent correctly.

Now that you have your Facebook Messenger Bot working properly, it's time to start interacting with friends. It's time to start chatting! The next few sections explain how you do that.

First, chat with people, and ask them questions. There are people all over the world who are willing to answer the most complicated questions.

Second, make friends. Let those Facebook friends know you're using the Bot. They'll probably see that you're interested in them, so they'll start to ask you about your friends and the Bot.

Third, get into a good amount of Chat. Spend your time conversing with the bot. Find things that make it unique and great. Sometimes people respond to your answers, or you'll become quite close to the Bot.

Fourth, join groups and get involved. When you can't find the time to chat with friends or maintain your status updates, start participating in groups.

Fifth, keep your Facebook Messenger Bot and all its friends in check. Only send your messages to people you know well, check your status updates every few minutes, and participate in groups that are highly relevant to you.

Sixth, keep your Bot and friends in view. This means keeping them on the Facebook side of the chat page, and not on your main page. If you take this action, it will make your chat as easy to find as you might like.

Seventh, and finally, watch for the Bot when you log in, or when you need to navigate around. It will keep track of who you've invited to Chat and keep you posted on the latest.

These tips are essential for keeping you entertained when you're talking in Chat. Soon, you'll be chatting like a natural, and more than just a friend.

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