A new frameless glass shower door is all your bathroom needs. However, after a few months, soap scum and mineral buildup can be difficult to clean. Finally, when you clean it, it can be difficult to maintain, especially in high traffic bathrooms. 

So there are some steps you can take to minimize your time to maintain that beautiful clean new look for years to come. You can find the best glass shower doors in North Vancouver.

glass shower doors

There are also other options for your frameless glass shower doors such as special glass for you or protective coatings, which can eliminate most of the time needed to clean both.

Standard glass is porous and over time can be damaged by soap scum, hard water, and even moisture. Therefore it is important to maintain daily care of your shower glass.

By doing just a little work each day you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning the shower glass. This process can also prevent possible permanent damage to your shower door. 

Using a shower glass cleaner, sitting for a minute and then wiping your glass with a soft cloth is really all it takes to maintain a brand new looking shower. 

Some experts suggest using a squeegee to "squeeze" the water out of the glass after a shower, but a soft cloth will also cause the trick. Another important step to maintain your shower door glass is to keep your shower ventilated so that it does not remain damp. 

The moisture inside the bathroom and shower enclosure can cause dirt and grime from sticking to the glass, making the Grim look you see on some shower doors.

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