In this post, I'll show you how expert crate design and a return program can add up to big savings.I'll even back it up with a real-life example of a returnable crate design that resulted in immediate payback for one manufacturer.

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Reducing Waste Saves Money

A crate made to fit your specific product reduces waste. Think about that. Using the exact amount of the right materials means you won't be paying for stuff you don't need.

Packaging engineers take into consideration every detail of your product including size, weight, and handling requirements. The result is a durable and custom wooden crate optimized to use the least amount of resources. Less waste can make for a big reduction in your build cost and transport fees.

The More you Reuse, the More you Save

Plain and simple, reusability is often the biggest factor in reducing costs. The more times you can return a crate, the more opportunities you have to increase your savings. 

Payback can be Quick

This is where custom design gets interesting – especially if you've been dealing with shipping damage. Let's look at that example I promised. A toilet manufacturer now uses custom clip crates for shipping their prototype toilets to laboratories across the globe. The toilets need to be tested at multiple labs and then brought back for further analysis. Reusable clip crates were a natural fit.

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